The GEAR Project

The GEAR Program is a youth robotics program for 10 York City 6th-9th grade students who will participate in weekly 2 hour workshops on Tuesdays beginning on November 10, 2020, and ending in June 2021. This non-competitive program provides hands-on lessons with exposure to coding and engineering by using robots as an educational tool. 

This is the first program of its kind in York City. The GEAR Project is about getting educational robots into our underserved community…those who need it the most. These students were able to learn advanced programming skills and use their knowledge to complete weekly activities. 

Food and drinks were provided and group discussions were held about their future endeavors. The middle school age is important because this is the age group when they start to make decisions about their future so it’s important to start having these discussions. The program also includes virtual college tours and visits from guest speakers in the STEM industry.

This program was made possible by a Fund for York County grant through the York County Community Foundation.