Young Thinkers of York, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit youth organization that provides students opportunities and motivation to overcome the obstacles that stand between themselves and success. Through education and exposure to new STEM experiences, our robotics and engineering programs will expand our young people’s minds and allow them to follow their dreams.


At Young Thinkers of York, we’re connecting underserved students to robotics and engineering.


Young Thinkers of York’s vision is to become the leader of turning underserved York students into future engineers, scientists, innovators, and leaders.


The directors of Young Thinkers of York instill five THINK core values to motivate, inspire, and engage our youth in becoming the best person they can be:

  • Transparency: Build positive relationships with students through honesty and transparency.
  • High Expectations: Set and emphasize high expectations for students to do their best every day.
  • Inclusion: Promote success for students by including all who need and want to participate.
  • Nurturing: Provide quality experiences for students to learn and grow.
  • Knowledge: Empower students to see beyond what is and see what can be.